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Another Ingenious Post from Joey Locicero

Simplicity is Key to Conversions: User Experience (UX) Produces Profit

Written by Joey Locicero

Our brains are handling a lot right now. Processing work, making plans for the weekend, reminding you to breathe. You clearly have a lot on your plate. When it comes to focus and cognitive thinking, however, as humans we operate …

5 SEO Metrics That Won’t Fail: The Recipe for A Good, Old-Fashioned Organic Listing

Written by Joey Locicero

Between algorithms and techniques, SEO is constantly evolving in order to deliver the best results to users everywhere. With each and every update, best practices are changing and it is vital to stay on top of the game. The best …

Welcoming 216digital’s SEO Specialist

Written by Joey Locicero

Welcome Joey! Joey Locicero came on board at 216digital as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in March 2018. He was a graduate of The University of Akron in 2009. There he pursued a degree in English and Creative Writing and …

Welcoming 216digital’s Project Manager

Written by Nicole Walkemeyer

Welcome Nicole! Nicole Walkemeyer joined the team at 216digital as a Project Manager and Marketing Specialist in March 2018. She graduated from the University of Akron in Spring 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. She was the …

SEO in 2018: Times They are a Changin’

Written by Ashley Weber

A new year is upon us and with it a plethora of updates and algorithm changes to make you second guess your ranking methods. From Google’s surprise, mid-december Maccabee update to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, 2017 was full of …

Quick Tips & Tools for Startup Entrepreneurs a la the Cleveland Browns

Written by Ashley Weber

Whether you’re fleshing out stage-one ideas or enjoying the fruits of your entrepreneurial labors, you’re likely aware of how difficult creating a startup can be. The myriad of ups and downs, consistent pressure to perform, and often minute and seemingly …

Black Friday Shopping: Is Your Online Business Ready?

Written by Ashley Weber

America’s favorite shopping season is right around the corner and with it a barrage of online bargain shoppers. Is your site ready to handle the Black Friday shopping rush? If the answer is anything but yes, you may want to …

8 Features of Excellent Websites in 2017

Written by Ashley Waldorf

By now many of us have earned our stripes in web surfing. We’ve experienced a countless number of websites, and are savvy enough to know which sites are well crafted and which could use a serious face-lift – usually within …

Google AdWords Sitelinks: What Advertisers Should Know About the New Update

Written by Ashley Weber

Recently, Google launched a new update to their AdWords Sitelinks, doubling up on the previous limit of four links to give users more relevant options when searching. This update also grants advertisers more real estate to direct users to other …

The Necessity of Google AMP in the Mobile Age

Written by Ashley Weber

In our last AMP article, we covered how Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages work and how you can utilize them to help boost your mobile ecommerce. Since then, Google has continued to enhance its mobile user experience. Rolling out new AMP …

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