Cleveland Works Hard. So Do We.

If Clevelanders know anything, they know the value of hard work. Our city began in the steel mills, and now it’s grown to include an arts and culture center that rivals our country’s major hubs and a medical center with world-class care. When the road to success seemed tough, Clevelanders always seem to persevere and triumph. And that’s what we’re about. We take the Cleveland attitude to web development to make your company shine. Our team can pinpoint exactly where your company’s website needs improvement to thrive online. We have digital media specialists in responsive web design, development, search engine optimization, pay per click management, content writing, and more.

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When the road to success seems tough, Clevelanders persevere and triumph. And that’s what we’re about. We take the Cleveland attitude to web development to make your company shine. Our team can pinpoint exactly where your company’s website needs improvement to thrive in the online community.

We have specialists in every area of website management—SEO, web design, coding, marketing—and use our skills to maximize your website’s potential. We are experts in creating enticing ecommerce websites and responsive design, so no matter the size of the screen, your customers can find you.

Simply put, we build and grow online businesses. By learning about your company, industry, and competitors, we determine the best way to retool your website and digital marketing efforts to make your business shine.


Our website designs are sleek, cool, and sophisticated. Your website is your online persona, and we want that persona to attract as many customers as possible. Whether you want your website to say that you’re an edgy clothing company that caters to young women or a crafting company for the do-it-yourselfer, we can build an online personality for your company that will show off why you’re unique. And, while we create a website that speaks to you, we also create one that will sell.



We are partnered with Google and use that partnership to determine the best keywords for your business. Once we find keywords, we create content not only for your website, but also for blogs and social media that will connect back to your website. Each blog post is like an arrow, and the more arrows that you have pointing back to you, the better. We make the strongest and best arrows that point back to you to bring your website high up in the rankings.



Pay per click campaigning can be rewarding, but it is also time consuming and stressful. Let us take that stress off of you. Our Google Certified experts know how to campaign for you, which will reduce your overall cost and maximize your return, leaving you with more money in your pocket.



With the rise of smartphones and tablets, it’s critical to your business’s success that your website is accessible on every kind of device. Our web design team has the advanced skillset to scale down your website and make it easily viewed on mobile phones and tablets. We want your company to succeed, no matter the device your customers use.


We have been working on improving websites for almost fifteen years. Because we’ve had so much experience, we know how to draw customers in to your website and entice them with your products. With our team of design experts and marketing gurus, we’ll show you just how marketable your business is.

Check out our work.

Our customers come from all over the USA, including the Cleveland area. We do campaigning for local companies like Bee Bald, where we’ve worked on their Miva eCommerce platform. We have also worked with Silicone Solutions, where we have improved their Magento eCommerce platform. However, while these are local companies, we also work with companies all across the United States, like Wunderlich America which is headquartered in California. No matter where you are, 216digital can help. If you aren’t convinced, look at some of the different campaigns we have done for Recollections and Corset Making Supplies that show just how happy our customers are with our ecommerce ideas and responsive web design.


Opening Quotation Mark.

We began working with 216digital in early 2010. They completely redesigned our website over the past few years, they have added many custom features. We have yet to even think of a new feature that they cannot make a reality. Most recently, they made it possible for us to offer e-commerce web sites for our dealers. Each dealer web site is custom branded and contains unique content based on individual requirements. The product records are automatically updated from our web site, so the dealer has no maintenance to do at all, just process online orders as they come in. We control the content and if we add a new product, change a price or any other detail, the dealer sites are all automatically updated. All in all I am very pleased with the work that 216digital has done for us.

– William Plam – Wunderlich America

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So, how are we different?

216digital isn’t your typical web design company. Our personal approach to your company sets us apart from the rest. Instead of taking the cookie-cutter approach, we recognize that your company is different. We want to get to know you to create an individualized plan for your company using our “learn, build, grow” model. Our team is full of professionals who know how to attack the challenges you face while building your website. Your website will get more qualified traffic with our team, enough said.