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5 MIVACON Takeaways That Will Affect Your Business

Written by Tim Spencer

The 216digital team recently traveled to San Diego, California for MIVACON 2015! There were high expectations for the longest running ecommerce event of its kind and it absolutely delivered. We met with ecommerce experts, sat in on keynote presentations, and …

Future-proofing: Why You Should Go to A Responsive Design

Written by Tim Spencer

In case you haven’t heard, having a responsive website is going to be a bigger part of web design moving forward. The common practice in the past was for mobile versions of sites to be given their own subdomain. Essentially, …

Selecting the Right Design Agency for Your Project

Written by Tim Spencer

It may seem like selecting a company to design your website is the easy part of making your successful online business a reality. After all, there are tons of different firms out there; it’s just a matter of finding one …

Increase Your Sign-Up Form Conversion with 5 Easy Design Tips

Written by Tim Spencer

A great sign-up form makes it easy for your site visitors to offer their information to you. With a new avenue of communication between you and customers, it can be easier to keep their engagement and interest in your product. …

Do’s and Don’ts of e-Commerce Design

Written by Tim Spencer

You can have the most interesting, ground-breaking product ever, but if your website lacks an effective design, your sales aren’t going to reach their full potential. Having an enticing e-Commerce storefront is more than simply having a product up for …

The Basics of Responsive Web Design

Written by Tim Spencer

Implementing a responsive web design can have a tremendous impact on the overall custom experience your site offers. As consumers rely more and more on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to stay informed, stay connected, and shop, it’s more …