SEO in 2018: Times They are a Changin’

Written by Ashley Weber

A new year is upon us and with it a plethora of updates and algorithm changes to make you second guess your ranking methods. From Google’s surprise, mid-december Maccabee update to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, 2017 was full of …

Black Friday Shopping: Is Your Online Business Ready?

Written by Ashley Weber

America’s favorite shopping season is right around the corner and with it a barrage of online bargain shoppers. Is your site ready to handle the Black Friday shopping rush? If the answer is anything but yes, you may want to …

8 Features of Excellent Websites in 2017

Written by Ashley Weber and Ashley Waldorf

By now many of us have earned our stripes in web surfing. We’ve experienced a countless number of websites, and are savvy enough to know which sites are well crafted and which could use a serious face-lift – usually within …

Google AMP Pages for Ecommerce – INFOGRAPHIC

Written by George Anderson

Fast-loading product pages could make or break your conversion rate. As an independent ecommerce retailer, you know how tough it is to compete with the big boys. Amazon can outsell us all, and they can afford fast-loading mobile functionality at …

Miva Customization: Retro ReadyTheme

Written by George Anderson

Miva Retro ReadyTheme Customization: Tailored To Your Needs! Miva users know that Miva is the ecommerce world’s best-kept secret. With Miva now offering responsive ReadyThemes free with every license, it’s easier than ever to put a functional, beautiful skin on …

Miva Customization: Suivant ReadyTheme

Written by George Anderson

Miva Suivant ReadyTheme Customization: The Sky’s The Limit! If you use the Miva shopping cart platform, or if you’re looking to start a Miva store, you’ve probably heard of Miva ReadyThemes. These themes offer beautiful, functional styling right out of …

Future-proofing: Why You Should Go to A Responsive Design

Written by Tim Spencer

In case you haven’t heard, having a responsive website is going to be a bigger part of web design moving forward. The common practice in the past was for mobile versions of sites to be given their own subdomain. Essentially, …

The Basics of Responsive Web Design

Written by Mackenzie Barry

Implementing a responsive web design can have a tremendous impact on the overall custom experience your site offers. As consumers rely more and more on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to stay informed, stay connected, and shop, it’s more …

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