What is Web Accessibility & Why is it Important?

Written by Joey Locicero

Most of us can hardly conceive what life would be like without the internet. The ability to have the world at your fingertips or the click of a mouse. But what if you can’t use a mouse? What if you …

Are ADA Overlays a Liability? Here’s What Accessibility Experts Had to Say

Written by James White

Lawsuits for websites that are not ADA complaint continue to threaten many internet businesses. These companies often turn to accessibility tools to quickly make their sites ADA compliant, thinking they'll be protected from a lawsuit. Accessibility tools (screen overlays and …

216digital Goes Completely Digital – Our experience working from home.

Written by James White

Social distancing has changed our understanding of the modern work environment. Everyone’s had to learn the best way to adapt their day-to-day, so it can be done remotely. Like with any major change, transitioning to a digital workspace comes with …

The Small Business Marketing Guide to Surviving COVID-19

Written by James White

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a drastic agent of change across the globe. It’s forced us to adapt how we live and work to the new pandemic environment. If things go right and we flatten the coronavirus curve, we could …

Marketing Meets the Age of eCommerce

Written by Joey Locicero

In 2017, Cyber Monday shoppers raked in a record-breaking $6.59 billion dollars. It was recorded as the largest online shopping day ever with sales increasing 16.8% over the year prior. It even topped Black Friday online sales by $1.5 billion, …

Let the Fall Festivities Begin

Written by Joey Locicero

Fall has hit northeast Ohio in full force. Whether you were ready or not, the cold weather is here. For many, that means movie nights, hot apple cider and retreating inside for the winter. However, for the outdoorsy types and …

Welcoming 216digital’s SEO Specialist

Written by Joey Locicero

Welcome Joey! Joey Locicero came on board at 216digital as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in March 2018. He was a graduate of The University of Akron in 2009. There he pursued a degree in English and Creative Writing and …

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