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Celebrate This City: The Top 41 Cleveland Blogs

The Top 40 Blogs in Cleveland, OH: The Master List

If you hail from the 216, you know this is a great place to live.

With fast-growing scenes in music, the arts, and food, Cleveland is a cultural hub. With the Cuyahoga Valley National Park only 30 minutes south, it’s easy to get away when you need to. Plus, business is thriving in Cleveland—just ask us! 1 Clevelanders love their town. They love to talk about it, too. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 41 great Cleveland blogs on every topic under the sun. Scroll, read, learn—then get out there and enjoy CLE.

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Building and Chandilier by Erik Drost

1. Cleveland Event Planning: Latest News

Getting the gang together for a great night? Follow these blogs for the latest events happening in and around Cleveland.
Cleveland Magazine
1. Cleveland Magazine provides outstanding coverage of everything Cleveland—dining, arts and entertainment, travel and leisure, and much, much more. Check it out!
2. Of course you know SCENE. But did you know they have a blog, too? It covers all the latest news around NEO, always with a healthy dose of opinion.
3. This is the blog of Cleveland Plus, a website touting the beauty and attractiveness of the Northeast Ohio region. The blog is entirely written by guest authors who live in the area. They cover all kinds of arts, culture, and social news.
Fresh Water
4. A weekly e-magazine and website that reports on “What’s Next?” in and around Cleveland.
5. This is a top-notch gathering of upcoming events and attractions in Cleveland. Grab your planner and start browsing!
Cool Cleveland
6. The name says it all. Cleveland is cool, and this blog pulls together all the best upcoming events and local attractions
Plugged In Cleveland
7. This site is literally a calendar of upcoming CLE events. With a handy check/uncheck feature for event categories, you can easily find the kind of event you’re looking for.
Crowd of People by Tom Hart

2. Cleveland Culture On Display

These blogs showcase the best of Cleveland-area culture, often from a female perspective.

iheart Cleveland
8. Charity is a designer, blogger, pug mom, Airstream enthusiast, and Cleveland cheerleader.
Plum Cleveland
9. New York may be a big apple, but Cleveland’s a plum! Alexa blogs about all things Cleveland—including food, gardening, and family.
Dish Cleveland
10. Alana blogs about the great things Cleveland life has to offer. She doesn’t blog as recently as she used to, but this is a great resource!
CLE Cleveland
11. Allison blogs about her current life, obstacles, parties, and all the great things to do in CLE. Check out her blog!
She Cleveland
12. SheInTheCLE is a blogger collective “dedicated to driving conversations with purpose by women in the Cleveland area.” They cover career, food, family, and everything in between!
Why CLE Cleveland
13. “Why Cleveland?” Jen gets this question a lot. She blogs about her ongoing discovery of new answers to that question.
She Blog Cleveland
14. Here, you’ll find all kinds of lifestyle coverage from a CLE perspective—in fashion, food, beauty, travel, books, and more. Check it out!
Building by Alan Levine

3. Cleveland Music Blogs

Indie, hiphop, and everything in between, Cleveland is a musical hotbed right now. These blogs cover the best of the Cleveland music scene.

Loud Cleveland
15. Straight out of Ohio City, Loud In Cleveland is “the best music podcast in town” (Dan Bernardi, Pressure Life). Hosts Drew Maziasz and Michael Cornacchione interview local musicians in their studio on the west side.
I rock Cleveland
16. This music blog covers garage rock, punk rock, indie rock, modern rock, alt rock and college rock. They’ve been online since 2006. Not to be missed!
Arts and Culture Cleveland
17. You’re looking for CLE music blogs, and you don’t know Cellar Door?! Where have you been? All right, you’re off the hook this time. But start reading.
Flag logo Cleveland
18. If you’re from Cleveland, read ImFromCleveland. They cover the Cleveland hiphop scene in depth. Awesome stuff.
The Zender Agenda
19. The Zender Agenda covers Cleveland music from the perspective of a fan. With an emphasis on live music and discovering new artists, the blog is an awesome place to find great stuff you’ve never heard before. Check them out!
The Applaud Squad
20. The Applaud Squad is Cleveland’s premiere entertainment platform. By providing insightful reviews of local theatre productions, music and concerts, the Applaud Squad aspires to applaud the artists who color our world while encouraging all people to become patrons of the arts.
Baseball field by David Wilson

4. Cleveland Sports Blogs

Cleveland sports… oh, what can we say. There’s plenty of material for our local sports bloggers, that’s for sure.

Orange logo Cleveland
21. For up-to-the-minute Browns coverage, it doesn’t get much better than Dawg Pound Daily. With numerous posts per game, plenty of analysis, and a diehard fan attitude, this blog is fantastic.
Cool Cleveland
22. If you’re in the 216, you know what this is all about. Nuff said.
Indians Cleveland
23. For Indians fans, it doesn’t get much better than this blog. They cover all aspects of the Tribe. Check it out!
Mad Potatoe Cleveland
24. With a frowny deflated football as a logo, this blog tells you right away what it’s about. I mean, you’re a Clevelander. You get it.
King James Cleveland
25. This one is for the King. Now that he’s back with the Cavs, you can stay up to date on LeBron, the team, and more with this great blog
Wil Cleveland
26. With constant updates, off season rumors, and in-season analysis, this is a great blog for Tribe fans everywhere.
Browns Cleveland
27. Here’s another great Cleveland Browns blog. They give you up-to-the-minute coverage, great opinion, and in-depth analysis.
Cleveland State
28. For the Cleveland State Vikings fans among us, this blog will keep you up to date on all Cleveland State basketball news.
Red Sculpture field by Heather McLaughlin

5. Cleveland Political Blogs

These blogs will give you a slice of local opinion on issues both local and national.

29. Though currently on hiatus, Jill Miller Zimon’s blog on political issues and civic engagement is a great archive of the best in Cleveland-area political analysis.
30. What is “plunderbund”? It’s a real word, and it means “political corruption.” This blog gives you political news (and a healthy dose of opinion) concerning Northeast Ohio and beyond.
Market at night by Erik Drost

6. Cleveland Food Blogs

These blogs will give you a slice of local opinion on issues both local and national.

31. A group of NEO friends tries to shake the midweek blues—finding a new place to eat and drink every Wednesday. Great stuff for local foodies!
Bite Buff
32. This blog is “the journey of a foodie in Cleveland.” From great meals to terrible, and everything in between, Bite Buff covers it all.
Cle Foodies
33. This blog advertises itself as a “photo blog of Cleveland eats.” But it’s way more than just beautiful pictures. The commentary is fabulous, too. Check it out!
Eat Drink Cleveland
34. This one is just what it says—great eating and drinking in and around CLE. As well as the food scene, this awesome blog covers cooking, beauty products, shopping local, and more.
Famous Artwork by Peter C

7. Cleveland Arts Blogs

The Cleveland Art Museum isn’t our only claim to fame. With healthy indie and underground arts movements, Cleveland rivals the traditional artistic hub cities for vibrancy and passion.

Blue Cleveland Logo
35. The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the world’s great art museums—and we have it right here in our town! CMA’s blog lives up to the standards you’d expect. You’ll find highlights of artworks, interviews with interns, and more.
Red text Cleveland
36. Don’t let the name fool you, and don’t get all frothy-mouthed about the Steelers. This blog covers arts and livable urban space, with a focus on Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Akron, and Cleveland.
person by Peter C

8. Cleveland Health and Fashion Blogs

These ladies know their stuff. Browse, read, and transform your wardrobe!

Poise in Parama
37. Alicia writes about maintaining 100lb weight loss while enjoying all that Cleveland has to offer
Big Cleveland
38. Shibani blogs about affordable luxury, the best of CLE living, and more. This is her new blog, accompanying the affordable luxury line she’s launching soon—Bombay Taxi.
Little Cleveland
39. Rachel, a lifelong Clevelander, blogs about fashion, outfit inspiration, and her passion for all things CLE. Rachel’s blog is a must-read.
Cityscape by Erik Drost

9. Cleveland Business Blogs

The Cleveland economy has turned around after the ’08 recession. Things are looking up, and we’re building like crazy. Check out these sites for the latest in business innovation.

Cleveland Business
40. This list wouldn’t be complete without Crain’s Cleveland Business. While Crain is not a local company, their coverage of local business news is excellent.
Rustbelf Refresh Cleveland
41. It isn’t quite a blog, but this site is the online presence of Rust Belt Refresh—a great Cleveland conference on web design and front-end development. Sign up for next year!
Cleveland Skyline
42. The Cleveland business community is growing—fast. Great things are happening, and that means new networking opportunities. This site serves as a nexus for community members and business owners to connect.

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