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Ecommerce marketing changes fast. If you don’t anticipate the next trend, you’ll fall behind. At 216digital, we take proactive steps to grow each and every client’s market share. We call our process Learn.Build.Grow. It’s no secret. We’ll tell you exactly how we do it.

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Decisions are only as good as the information they’re based on. In-depth research is key. Collect and Analyze, then Act!

It all starts with our comprehensive discovery questionnaire. Our probing questions will get you thinking about the nature of your business, and your answers will supply us with critical data. In our ongoing discussions with you, we’ll hash out a distinct profile for your business that describes your unique strengths and weaknesses. But we don’t just ask you about the present; the future of your business is just as important—maybe even more so! At the end of the discovery process, everyone will be on the same page about your goals for growth and your roadmap for getting there.
In any market, focusing on your own operation alone isn’t enough. Chances are, you aren’t the only business offering your product or service to your niche market. Analyzing your competition is critical to staying ahead of the pack. It can also help you avoid costly mistakes. Our market specialists will analyze your competitors from top to bottom, spotting realistic opportunities. Our analysis will also save you from wasting resources on unrealistic competitive goals.
A new marketing project is like building a highway to success. A road is a complex thing, and everyone on the construction team needs a clear map of what goes where. At 216digital, we know the power of clear, reasonable goals—and the importance of a structured plan that shows exactly how the project will come together. Structure puts substance to goals, and it keeps people accountable. It’s the basis of all plan implementation and ongoing communication between us and our clients.
Our in-depth analysis of your site discovers everything that affects your SEO (search engine optimization). This includes things like onsite and offsite SEO, backlink profile, duplicate content (an SEO no-no), and the presence of engaging, relevant content. The current state of your website gives us a starting point for our work.


Once we have this comprehensive set of data, we use it to build a plan based on informed decisions. In other words, we take all that information about your business and apply it to real-world processes and possibilities.

Yeah, we can build that. Whether you need a small custom add-on or a massive system built from the ground up, our development team is thrilled to transform your ideas into reliable, powerful solutions that meet your needs and go beyond your expectations. Whatever platform you’re on, we write that script.
Measure twice and cut once just isn’t enough around here. Experience and innovation have grown our quality assurance processes into a thoughtful, comprehensive approach. The testing phase is a collaborative effort between us and our clients, and your project isn’t finished until you tell us you’re satisfied.
Great design sets form and function in equal balance. In other words, great design makes beautiful websites that facilitate intuitive user experience. A beautiful site that doesn’t work is pointless—and likewise, a functional site that looks like Web 1.0 won’t keep visitors for long. We strike this balance, and our clients’ experiences speak for themselves.
When all of our tools learn to work together, quality and efficiency go into overdrive. We devise seamless integrations of e-commerce platforms, accounting solutions, order management tools, and other critical components. The result is a harmonious, productive workflow for each and every client.
With the evolution of devices and our interaction with the internet, mobile-responsive web design is more critical than ever. But it’s not hard to achieve! We build incredible sites that look great on every conceivable device, bringing our clients to the forefront of evolving web standards.
Sometimes, your stock shopping cart’s functionality simply isn’t enough. Just because we didn’t develop it doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon it. Our custom modules, extensions, and plugins help fill out the true capabilities of your out-of-the-box software, giving you the flexible, powerful ecommerce machine you imagined.
Applications have a new home, and it’s the web. With accessibility and ease of use getting more critical every day, we take pride in creating things people will actually use.
When it comes to orders, the more the merrier! With 15 years of experience and insight, we’ve learned how to turn visitors into customers for any client. We’d love to show you that we mean business.
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Our transparent, results-focused marketing will grow your business.

The world of Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. However, our specialists stay ahead of the curve, researching and implementing evolving best practices. Our SEO team builds campaigns that create sustainable, transparent website growth for every client.
Running a Pay Per Click campaign on your own is time-consuming, frustrating, and often counterproductive. You really need industry knowledge of SEO and PPC best practices to build a strategic, successful campaign. Our Google-certified experts will reduce your costs and maximize your return on investment, hitting only the most productive opportunities for your brand.
Google values good content more than ever. If people land on your page but don’t find anything interesting, they’ll click away almost at once. But if they stay, reading relevant information that they need, Google measures that and considers your page valuable. If you don’t have the time or resources to write great landing page copy or engaging blog posts, we can meet those needs for you with in-depth research and killer writing chops.
The fact that you pay only for performance makes affiliate marketing especially attractive. As affiliate marketing management professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to build a great affiliate revenue stream that’s tailored to your market.
Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s still the cheapest, most lucrative form of promotion for most online retailers. Email marketing isn’t “interruption” marketing; it’s permission marketing, to use Seth Godin’s term. That means that everyone on your email list wants to hear from you. That’s a win-win! You just have to craft a message that’s tailored to your audience. With our extensive knowledge of industry best practices and our in-depth research into your market, our team is in prime position to manage amazing email campaigns for you.
Bringing qualified traffic to your website is only half the battle. You need to make the most out of your marketing by converting as many buyers as possible. Through best practice implementation and A/B testing, we’ll build a strategy to increase your sales.

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