Mobile Home Parts Store

From PPC Crash to 6.40 ROI
Mobile Home Parts Store
Things change fast in the web world.
In 2008, Trada launched the first crowdsourced PPC (pay per click) management platform. This agency did great PPC work for its clients—until it couldn’t pay its bills. March 30th, 2015, a letter from Trada’s CEO announced that the company’s creditors had seized all its assets. This was tough news. Worse, the company announced it would shut down not months later, but that very day.
Mobile Home Parts Store had been a 216digital client since 2008.
Mobile Home Parts Store is the web’s premier supplier of parts for mobile homes and RVs. PPC marketing is a huge part of their business model. We’d managed their PPC services through Trada for several years. On average, MHPS saw $60,000-80,000 in monthly revenue from this service alone.
Why did Mobile Home Parts Store see a 41.5% increase in PPC revenue? Because our PPC experts started managing the campaign directly.
Trada’s sudden death hit us and MHPS in the gut. Talk about thinking on your feet! Our PPC team acted fast. We set aside the entire day to save Mobile Home Parts Store’s PPC campaign from freefall. We salvaged all the data we could from the Trada system—including critical stuff like best performing ads, best performing keywords, and highest converting products. With a whole suite of killer data, we rebuilt the PPC campaign from scratch in AdWords. Given the circumstances, we couldn’t do anything less for Mobile Home Parts Store.
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The results blew us away.
In April alone, MHPS’s AdWords campaign grossed $112,088 under our direct management—an all-time high in sales for our client. At a budget of $17,508—basically the same as previous months— MHPS netted $94,580 from our PPC campaign, up 41.5% from their net PPC receipts the previous month under our partnership with Trada. This meant a 6.40 ROI (return on investment ratio). In an industry where a 3.0 ROI is considered good stuff, that’s a real grand slam. Why did Mobile Home Parts Store see a 41.5% increase in PPC revenue? Because our PPC experts started managing the campaign directly. As we analyzed the Trada data on that crazy day, we saw gaps in the campaign structure. Those holes just begged us to optimize things like ad delivery, mobile bid adjustments, and location targeting. It’s not that Trada did a bad job—but our PPC experts did a better job. You might say they beat Trada by 41.5%. We think that fact speaks for itself. A campaign like this is a huge asset to any company. We don’t blush when we say we saved our client’s PPC machine from disaster. We did. Not only did we save it, we supercharged it. We took in the bad news and formulated a sustainable management plan that would perform better than our client’s existing plan. We implemented that plan the same day. We like to say we performed the first ever PPC heart transplant. Though Trada’s shutdown spelled revenue disaster for Mobile Home Parts Store, our PPC team gracefully picked up the campaign and rebuilt it directly. Under our loving guidance, that campaign will keep ticking until the internet dies. Which won’t happen. Ever.
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