Hello. My name is Stephen Kam. However, just about everyone calls me Kam. Maybe it's because it is easier to pronounce "Kam" than it's to decide if my name is pronounced "SteFan" or "SteVen." Either way, I am excited to be publishing my first official blog post for 216digital!

At 216digital, my primary responsibility is to consult, analyze, and deploy recommendations for our clients to grow their online businesses. I don't think that it's a coincidence that I landed in this profession after college. For as far back as I can recall, I have always been obsessed with the idea that with the right amount of education, work, and a little creativity I could turn something small into something much larger. This idea has taken many forms and shapes throughout my life.

As a child, this idea first took from through my parents vegetable garden. While they saw scrumptious green, yellow, and red vegetables growing from the ground to eat, I saw an opportunity to pluck those vegetables and put them up for sale at the edge of my street. Later on in my youth, trading and selling football cards so I could acquire more valuable ones to sell on Ebay became my new passion. As my adolescence transitioned to teenage years, the internet truly became my playground. Specifically, I worked with my talented music loving friends to try and promote their work. Through research, analysis, and a little trial and error, I figured out the secret sauce to getting our videos at the top of the YouTube searches.

I believe that all of this has led to me taking on the role of lead digital strategist at 216digital. As our company grows and the industry changes, I hope to bring to you, all of the best tips, tricks, news, and information about growing an online business that I possibly can. I am a huge believer in collecting as much educated information as possible to deploy appropriate actions. Through this blog, I hope to provide as much of that as possible to the reader. Until the next post, have a good day. By the way, She's taken!

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