5 SEO Metrics That Won’t Fail: The Recipe for A Good, Old-Fashioned Organic Listing

5 SEO Metrics That Won’t Fail: The Recipe for A Good, Old-Fashioned Organic Listing

Between algorithms and techniques, SEO is constantly evolving in order to deliver the best results to users everywhere. With each and every update, best practices are changing and it is vital to stay on top of the game. The best way to remain relevant and become a front-runner with your content is to dedicate plenty of research and care when crafting each post. A well-informed page is a ranking page.

Do Your Research: Keywords Are Crucial

Before you set out to publish engaging and alluring content, it is important to develop a good baseline with in-depth keyword research. Not only does this research help to develop your topics, it allows you to get a sense for what readers are looking for. SEO keywords are your trail of breadcrumbs that help shape your article and give you a vision for the direction your content will go.

Keywords are also an insight into what is going on in the industry. Much like a fad, they are constantly changing depending on the times and trends. Digital marketing is a field where practices and methods can change by the hour, which is why it is so necessary to develop a good baseline of data and strategy. Best practices this month aren’t always in style by next month.

Target Users with SEO Content: Don’t Write for Robots 

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The best SEO content is natural, keyword-focused content. Google does not want to see content tailored towards the robots. Just write with a natural, conversational tone. People can sense when you talk above them or when writing becomes superfluous. Often times, adding multiple sentences to get a specific keyword ranking, or even dropping words can disrupt the content flow. Don’t ever compromise your quality. A quality SEO writer is first and foremost a writer.

It is vital to remember that content exists to help users and create the best user experience. SEO should reflect this in the tone, as well as the formula. Awkward verbiage or stuffed keywords can signal to Google that the page in question may not have the best SEO-driven content. Also, the language can take your reader out of their element or cause them to seek more engaging information. Similar to cooking, with SEO presentation is everything.

Keep it Fresh: Manage Content Regularly to Remain Relevant

An active domain is a happy domain. If Google scans your indexed pages and the number is regularly growing, it’s going to give your site some recognition. Although there is no penalty or suggested schedule for posting content, it is important to stay relevant. Activity shows the robots that the domain is updated regularly and is well-managed.

Similar to keyword research, keeping up with current trends and topics will also attract users looking for a fresh perspective and applicable tips. Writing about what’s in the news is also a great tactic to stay ahead of your competitors. Content writers that know the market are not only great resources to validate skills, but they are going to attract a larger audience. Websites with a generous following typically have a strong authority and will appear attractive to Google.

Don’t Ignore the Background: Technical Optimization is Crucial

If you haven’t already made the switch to HTTPS, stop whatever you’re doing right now and do it. It is one of the best things you can do for the health and integrity of your website. HTTPS is the most common and most secure protocol available. Not only is it a best practice, but HTTPS protects users from malicious parties that take advantage of your site. If Google detects a secure protocol, you’ve gained a major SEO advantage.  Web Development

Also, be sure your site is mobile-friendly. Optimizing your site for AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages is not only something encouraged by Google, it is necessary to rank at all in the search results. Not having a mobile-friendly site can be a major penalty and hurt the integrity of your site.

Avoid 404 errors at all costs. Nothing will drop your ranking in the search results faster than having a bunch of 404 errors on your site. Fix these broken pages as fast as possible to ensure your links are in working order and boost the overall user experience.

Invest in Your Own Crawl: Audit Your Pages on a Regular Basis

Don’t wait for the search engine robots to crawl your pages. Technology is crucial to ensure your site is behaving as it should. Investing in crawling software to help you manage, strategize and audit your site on a regular basis. SEO strategy is ever-changing and a crawling software will be your best friend to help identify your trouble areas and stay on top of the SEO content. Also, it will help ensure every page is being properly indexed and visible.

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Though trends are ever-changing and updates come more often than not, one fact remains the same. Google is always seeking to capitalize on user experience. Whether you have a personal blog, a directory or an eCommerce page, keep in mind that your content has a larger audience than you may realize. After all, the robots aren’t the only ones who are watching.